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Book list for the History and Identification of Woven Coverlets in America

Readers- Please email additional sources of any kind and I will add to the list

This list compiled by Xenia Cord and posted on QHL May 2, 2008
Heirlooms from Old Looms, A Catalogue of Coverlets owned by the Colonial Coverlet Guild of America and its Members (Chicago: Privately Printed, 1940). OOP, with descriptive essay and lots of b/ w pictures, divided by weave types.

Rabb, Kate Milner. Indiana Coverlets and Coverlet Weavers. Indiana Historical Society Publications Vol. 8, No. 8 (Indianapolis, 1928) - OOP; prefatory to:
Montgomery, Pauline. Indiana Coverlet Weavers and Their Coverlets. Indianapolis: Hoosier Heritage Press, 1974. also OOP, but the model for coverlet research.

Wilson, Kathleen Curtis. Textile Art from Southern Appalachia: the quiet work of women. Johnson City, TN: The Overmountain Press, 2001. Exhibit catalog from an exhibit at the American textile History Museum, Lowell, MA; includes biographies of some women who wove geometric coverlets.

Shaeffer, Margaret W. M. Made in New York State: Handwoven Coverlets 1820-1860. Watertown, NY: Jefferson County Historical Society, 1985. An exhibit catalog on jacquard coverlets with essays by Virginia Parslow Partridge and Rita J. Adrosko.

Glick, Nancy Iona, and Katherine H. Molumby. llinois Jacquard Coverlets and Weavers, End of a Legacy. Peoria, IL: Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1999. Illinois coverlets, weaver biographies, and a checklist of weavers with identifying corner blocks.

Wass, Jan Tauer. Weaver's Choice, Patterns in American Coverlets. Springfield, IL: Illinois State Museum, 1988. From geometrics to jacquards, with good essays.

Gehret, Ellen J., and Alan G. Keyser. The Homespun Textile Tradition of the Pennsylvania Germans. Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1976.  An exhibit catalog of the works of spinners, weavers and dyers at the Pennsylvania Farm Museum, Landis Valley; includes some geometric coverlets.

Ventre, Melinda. Warm and Wonderful, the Jacquard Coverlet. New York:  Hirschl & Adler Folk, 1988. An exhibit catalog with accompanying essay.

Hall, Eliza Calvert. The Book of Handwoven Coverlets. New York: Dover Publications, 1988; rev. reprint of the 1912 edition. Early research, mostly on geometrics.

Shein, Joseph D., and Melinda Zonger. Coverlets and the Spirit of America.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2002. The Shein collection of coverlets, great color work.

Anderson, Clarita S. Weaving a Legacy, the Don and Jean Stuck Coverlet Collection. Columbus, OH: Columbus Museum of Art, 1995. Biographies and illustrations of coverlets from the collection, and others.

Heisey, John W. A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers. Williamsburg, VA: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1978. The only compilation of information on jacquard coverlet weavers nationwide until the publication of the next entry:

Anderson, Clarita S. American Coverlets and Their Weavers.
Williamsburg, VA: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and Ohio University Press, Athens, 2002. Coverlets from the collection of Foster and Muriel McCarl, and a dictionary of more than 700 coverlet weavers.

Thanks to "Rose Lea Alboum for this list of early books:

Heirlooms from Old Looms, 1940, privately printed
A Book of Hand-Woven Coverlets by Hall, 1912, Little, Brown and Company
A Handweaver's Source Book by Davison, 1953, John Spencer, Inc. Chester, PA
Keep Me Warm One Night, 1972, concentrates on Canadian coverlets
The Weaving Roses of Rhode Island by Isadora Safner.

More Books about Woven Coverlets

Bress, Helene The Coverlet Book Vol. 1 & 2, Flower Valley Press, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland 2003.

Hawthorne, Catherine B., And So To Sleep. Jacquard Coverlets from The Hawthorne Collection, American Textile History Collection, 1999, exhibit catalogue, 39 pages,


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