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The Sampler Consortium

The Sampler Consortium is an international organization of scholars, historians, curators, educators, genealogists, textile conservators, collectors, dealers, and needlework enthusiasts interested in the study of historic samplers and other girlhood embroideries.

The Sampler Consortium Report is a new effort we are launching in our desire to build community and share developments with the Sampler Consortium membership. We anticipate sending updates on projects and funding efforts, as well as invite your participation in new initiatives. In the future, we will have a more interactive online forum to promote discussion and sharing. In the meantime, your ideas and input are very welcome, so please feel free to communicate with us by emailing info@samplerconsortium.org. If you have an announcement appropriate for the whole membership, we will post it in the next Sampler Consortium Report.

As you know, the Sampler Consortium has three major objectives:

1. To advance the study of historic samplers and other girlhood embroideries;

2. To increase access to information and research relevant to the study of historic samplers and girlhood embroideries;

3. To design, develop, and support projects that advance the study of historic samplers and other girlhood embroideries.

Projects currently supported by the Sampler Consortium include:

1. SamplerCentral. An annotated list of bookmarked websites with information about samplers, sampler collections, sampler research, and related topics. This resource can be found at: http://delicious.com/SamplerCentral. To submit a website for inclusion, please email Lynne Anderson at lynneandrs@gmail.com.

2. Research Support. Supporting scholars who are researching historic samplers and pictorial embroideries. The Sampler Consortium is currently working with Dr. Gloria Seaman Allen to locate samplers from the Washington, DC area in preparation for a new book on this subject. For an announcement of this project and a request for information on DC samplers please see: http://samplerconsortium.org.

3. Sampler Archive Project. An online searchable database that brings together images and descriptive information about American girlhood samplers and pictorial embroideries from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. We are working to identify and describe sampler collections across the nation, with the goal of including them in the Sampler Archive Project. Toward this end, the Sampler Consortium collaborated with the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at the University of Oregon to submit a proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). If funded, the project will support initial development of the online database and digitization efforts at three pilot sites: the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Museum, and Winterthur Museum. There will be more information on this effort in the next Sampler Consortium Report.

4. Exhibit Documentation. Helping museums and historical societies to document current and past exhibits on historic needlework by creating Digital Documentation Records of exhibit information and images.

The Sampler Consortium Steering Committee announced its membership drive at the beginning of July, 2008 and by the end of the month membership had soared to more than 650 individuals and organizations. The Sampler Consortium currently has more than 800 members, with representation from 46 states and 15 countries. Included in the membership are 25 museums and historical societies, and more than 100 private collectors.

The Sampler Consortium continues to accept new members. Membership application at: http://samplerconsortium.org


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