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Antique Sewing & Needlework Tools
- Collecting Bone, pg 4
Text and Photos by Gloria Brunning, Needleworker

Below there is a bone tatting shuttle, which has been used in the past by my mother-in-law, Dorothy. She is an excellent tatter and I have many examples of her work.

One of their many bone lace bobbins.  

A pair of very ornate bone buttons, but the pride and joy of their collection is a lucet.

The lucet was very expensive and took a long time to find – many years of searching antique fairs, antique shops, car boot sales etc. It is for making braids. The finished braid is very strong. I have bought a modern equivalent made out of wood so that I could learn how to use it.

This is a brief look a few of the many pieces that they own and cherish. They have inspired me to start my own collection of needlework tools, but I haven’t reached 10 as yet!

Antique Sewing & Needlework Tools - Antique Embroidery Tools, page 5

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