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New Pathways into Quilt History written by Kimberly Wulfert, www.antiquequiltdating.com

Antique Sewing & Needlework Tools
- Antique Embroidery Tools, pg 5
Text and Photos by Gloria Brunning, Needleworker

I also have a fascination for antique embroidery tools, which is fully supported by my in-laws. I have started my own collection now, but my items arenít all bone. I have mother of pearl, wood and metal items as well. I have tried to gather information about my pieces as I have bought them. Most of mine have been bought from the Internet, as antique shops are rare in our immediate area.

This is my embroidery tool collection so far. I donít have dates for all items. I have mentioned it where I do and which of them are modern.



Crochet hooks Ė using bone steel and mother of pearl. The mother of pearl is c1890.



One knitting needle (bone) and one small bodkin made of steel. The large bodkin type needle has a crochet hook at one end and a large eye at the other. I believe that it was used in making rugs.



Stilettos or bradawls of various sizes, all bone. The smallest one is c1860.


Needle cases. The top one is made of wood and has a date attached 1880. It is made of wood and looks like an umbrella. The bone case has a piece missing from the end which may have held a tiny eyeglass to help threading the needles.

Lace bobbins. The top example is a modern wooden bobbin.
The middle one is an antique wooden bobbin c1900 and the bottom one is bone.


{Bottom right: Gloria explained the lucet is "used for making cords or braids. The cords were originally used for making clothes fastenings and pre-dated buttons."}



Steel scissors and a bone silk winder.


A modern wooden lucet.


Antique Sewing & Needlework Tools - Antique Embroidery Tools, page 6

Article text and pictures Copyright © 2007 by Gloria Brunning. All rights reserved.


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